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Not getting traffic from Google ?

If not then here is how you can get more traffic from Google.

What do you think, can you get traffic from Google?

Absolutely yes you can get thousands of organic visitors by only reading and implementing this Article. In this article I have shared all my tricks from which I am getting thousands of organic traffic from Google and I am sure by reading this you will get a huge amount of traffic on your blog everyday. 

Many of you are not getting traffic but I am sure after reading this article each and every one of you is going to get website traffic on your blog.

Can we rank our website and get traffic from Google without doing SEO?

Well, Yes you can get traffic and rank your website on Google without doing SEO. Shocked!  How? Yes you can get traffic by running ads on different platforms and by doing  branding and guest posting  on another website.

To get more traffic on website daily there are many pro bloggers who do personal branding through advertisements on the different social platforms from which they get thousands of website traffic. 

How to get website traffic from the social media platforms?

Generating traffic from social media is in easy way from where you can generate thousands of organic website traffic using different social media platforms and also increase your followers on any social media platforms you will get many techniques, tricks and tips about how you can promote your content on social media and increase your website traffic today.

  • Focus on Long Tail Keywords - 

Long tail keywords are always best for many bloggers and crow affiliate marketers requirements to use long tail keywords because it helps new bloggers to get more website traffic. If you are new in blogging then I also recommend you to focus on long tail keywords.

  • Optimize Your Image -

Optimizing an image is very important because it helps bloggers to get more website traffic from Google images. Many bloggers make this mistake and do not optimize their image so they've to lose huge amounts of  traffic from Google daily.

  • Write Long and Quality Articles -

Writing content is easier but to solve a user problem with your content is known as “quality content”

There are many bloggers who don't focus on writing good quality content but I personally suggest you to make high-quality and problem solving content.

Make your content  long because long contents get more shares than short articles as the long content  get more share but while writing a long content doesn't lose quality because the quality of article is more important than length but I recommend you to focus on both of this to get better result making a detailed article always helps you to get more shares Google loves  detail and quality article so if you write long articles then there is a chance that you can rank your post   without making a  single backlinks. 

  • Paid advertisements -

Paid advertisement is the best way from which you can drive more traffic to your website or Blog many bloggers use this way to get traffic as you can use this way to increase your traffic if you do proper and perfect optimization of your ad campaign then believe me you can generate a huge amount of income from your website.

  • Do Guest Post -

Guest posting is a way which helps you to get backlinks and some website traffic. Many bloggers do a guest post to get traffic to their blog and many times this posting helps to create a brand of their blog too.

If you are doing a guest post on the website so this helps you make a lot of backlinks and always help you to get rank better on Google and to get more website traffic.

  • Commenting on other blog -

Commenting on other blogs helps you to create good connections with other bloggers out there you can get comment  backlinks as well. If anyone Clicks on your profile then he or she will get redirected to your website which will create instant website traffic but don't try to put a link in the comment box if you do then it will be considered as a spam comment and may not get published on the comment section anymore.

  • Sharing on Twitter -

Yes this is one of the simplest and easiest strategy to get more and  website traffic. Not only me but all the other professional bloggers do the same to get more traffic to their blog and I personally recommend you to do the same.

 It will give a boost to your website  traffic.

  • Quora

Quora  is one of the best websites you can directly promote your blog and get traffic. Quora is basically the number one platform for sharing your knowledge and to get traffic and even you can get sales as an affiliate marketer there are many bloggers who make money just by using Quora.

  • Catchy Blog Post Title -

Blog post titles are the way you can get more traffic because they attract the user to click on your blog and read your article. Attractive title increases the CTR and also helps to rank a blog fastly on Google many Smart bloggers do the same  to get thousands of visitors everyday.


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So, these are some ways through which you can get a huge amount of website traffic daily. I hope you will  start implementing these ideas on your blog and I am sure you will start getting some results. 

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